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Sweetheart Sensation Pro Light (20" | RGB )

Sweetheart Sensation Pro Light (20" | RGB )

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the heart wants what it wants.


Rise into a world of love with the most in-demand Pro Light we have to offer.


With refinery, the Sweetheart Sensation Pro softens skin naturally and sharpens the brightness of eyes. 



It comes pre-installed with RGB coloring options; allowing you to take photos in five different colors of light (red, green, rosy pink, yellow, and blue) depending on the aesthetic needed for your photo.


In addition, there are multiple dimming capabilities spanning from warm light to cool light.


a brighter world.


For the 2022 yearly season, DONUTLIGHTS will be supporting the unaffiliated non-profit organization Let There Be Light International in their mission for providing solar-powered lights to families without access to grid-power worldwide.


With each individual purchase of a DONUTLIGHTS Pro Light, 10% of the proceeds made from the sale will be directly donated to the cause by our brand.


From our hearts, we encourage everyone to support the non-profit even without purchase from our brand. 


Our sole intent is to simply provide awareness to the cause that this unaffiliated organization supports and to assist in speeding up their efforts.



Product Description:

what's baked inside?


- 1 x Heart-shaped ring light head (20 inches) with brightness capabilities growing up to 200% more than the base setting (3000-6500K).


- 45-levels of warm and cool lighting options.

- Brightness dimming capabilities.


- 1 x extendable tripod (4 feet to 5.7 feet at maximum height)*

*Tripod included unless asked otherwise.


- 3 x removeable and connectable phone holders fitting most major smartphone sizes.


- 1 x universal power adapter for North American outlets.




Battery Components

Our wonderful Pro Lights feature a plug-in system, allowing for video capturing across a long stretch of time.

How to use

Assemble onto tripod by screwing ring light head onto base, then simply plug the packaged cord into an outlet.


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