Our Commitment To Change

Children Reading With Solar Light 

Photo Above Shows Children Reading By Means of Solar-Powered Lighting (Source: Let There Be Light International)


For the 2022 season, DONUTLIGHTS will donate 10% of profit from each Pro Light sold to the (unaffiliated) non-profit organization Let There Be Light International.


Let There Be Light International provides solar-powered lights to marginalized communities in off-grid places internationally. These solar lights allow for children to receive quality education, safety for mothers navigating the home environment, and families to focus on allocating funds for basic needs.


Photo shows Saraphina, a mother, able to cut down on fuel expenses due to access to solar lighting (Source: Let There Be Light International).


We encourage everyone to support the non-profit even without purchase from our brand. In fact, we encourage all people who are aware of Let There Be Light International to donate to the cause and spread awareness for it on an individual level. We simply want to provide awareness to the cause that this unaffiliated organization supports and hopefully assist in speeding up their efforts.