About Us


DONUTLIGHTS branded the idea of a beauty-technology bakery because we believe that the world can benefit from youthful, light-hearted and visually-inspiring technologies.


The Bakery is a term we use to describe our company base. From packaging to shipping, your beauty-technology product has origins here.


Its creator grew up watching shows by the likes of Totally Spies, Bratz and other similar types of media. These cartoons introduced many of us to the idea of Femme-Tech electronics, a genre of technology that has optimistic aspirations for how hardware can match our personalities and lifestyles. 


DONUTLIGHTS is a jersey-born business founded on the philosophy, “beauty prevails.”  In our mind’s eye, the term ‘beauty’ encompasses the mind, soul, and heart. Your mind, your soul, and your heart are the founding ingredients in the creation of a better, safer society.


Our daily aim is to provide eye-catching products, making our customers feel seen and feel special. 



Our Mission


Our mission is to push the boundaries of what lighting is supposed to look like, function as, and how it should serve us in this world of content creation.


Our Seasonality and Vision


The 2022 season is focused on DONUTLIGHTS' Luvly collection of products. Luvly stands for Lighting Unique & Viral, Like You. The collection is comprised of Pro and mini models of thumb-stoppable ring lights. A thumb-stoppable product, to us, means being so outstanding in its category that it causes your audience to pause scrolling in their feed to take great notice of you.


Throughout the quarterly seasons, DONUTLIGHTS will offer special sales based on the shapes of each product. 


Our Commitment to Change


For the 2022 season, DONUTLIGHTS will donate 10% of profit from each Pro Light sold to the (unaffiliated) non-profit organization Let There Be Light International.


Let There Be Light International provides solar-powered lights to marginalized communities in off-grid places internationally. These solar lights allow for children to receive quality education, safety for mothers navigating the home environment, and families to focus on allocating funds for basic needs.


We encourage everyone to support the non-profit even without purchase from our brand. In fact, we encourage all people who are aware of Let There Be Light International to donate to the cause and spread awareness for it on an individual level. We simply want to provide awareness to the cause that this unaffiliated organization supports and hopefully assist in speeding up their efforts.





Feel free to leave us a message at any time by using this contact form or contacting us at listening@donutlights.com