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Cookies & Cat Mini Light (6")

Cookies & Cat Mini Light (6")

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the experience.


Capture perfectly toned moments with the most powerful mini light our store has to offer in nine different modes of light.


Like the seasons of a year, this product offers a range of cool light to warm light.


During level one brightness, there are three independent shades of cool light able to be shone on the body.


At level two, the ring light offers three special blends of warm and cool light together.


The last level offers special, peachy warm-colored light perfect for golden hour photos and ones taken indoors.


The Cookies & Cat Mini Light will keep its shine for three to four hours with one full charge as well. This ensures that the device will not dim while you use it during virtual interviews, online learning situations, or creating virtual content.




Similar to the Cookies & Cat Abundance Light, nearly three thousand small bulbs of light are tucked away inside the shell of this device, all responsible for evenly spreading light onto you.

These same, well organized, lights are all completely covered by a built-in diffuser granting a certified soft glow.


In addition to its abundance of abilities, the product is also constructed with durable material, designed to be a long-lasting life companion.



what's baked inside?


- Brightness spanning more than 200% higher than the base setting (3000-6500K).


- Ships with a free power supply utilizing USB connectors, allowing for adaptable charging at any location.

- A power-life of up three to four hours.


- A petite size spanning 3 inches in length and width. 


- A clip compatible with most smartphones (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Windows Phones, Nokia, etc.)


- Lightweight technology (38.4g in weight).


shipping & return policy (shortened).


Products ship free throughout the entire United States of America. All products are subject to return within thirty days if the ring light remains undamaged.


You will be able to contact us at any time through our customer service email for any questions, concerns, or affiliate inquiries at:

Battery Components

Lights from our Mini collection are always rechargable.

How to use

After charging, press button on the back of the device to activate the modes of lighting.


Shipping is free across the United States for orders over $25. For worldwide production, shipping costs vary.

As soon as your order is placed, we work on packaging and shipping your items to you. This may take around five days of processing in periods of high demand.

Please allow for up to six weeks of delivery time due to high demand.

Last Updated: 9/24/2022

Return policy

All items are subject for refunds up to thirty days after delivery.

See refund policy for more.

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Immserive Lighting

Our Mini line of products hold shine even in the daytime, but hold enough power to brighten a dark room.

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